Nexus 180a Inverter Welding Machine


Nexus 180a Inverter Welding Machine

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Nexus 180A inverter welding machine is available and easy to use at the industrial level. This Nexus MMA250 is coupled with protection against sticking of the electrode, easy ignition of the arc, protection against overheating when working

Power variations or surges do not interfere with an operation because of inverter’s high-frequency converter automatically adapts to the input voltage without affecting the output parameters.

Key features

  • Use powerful IGBT switches and advanced inverter control technology.

  • Can work on different types of metal, for example, carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron as well as stainless steel

  • Large AC fan

  • Can be operated both on electricity and a generator

  • Large plug for long-term operation at high amps
  • We have backup spares and service for all our Nexus inverter welding machines.


TYPEMosfet MMA Inverter Welding Machine
Input Voltage220V±10%
Rated Input5.3kva
Rated Output Voltage20.8 – 27.2V
No-load Voltage60V
Real Output Current20 – 180A
Duty Cylce25°: 60%


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