Nexus 2 Inch 4.0hp Petrol Water Pump



Product Specs

Nexus 4HP petrol surface water pumps can be used on dams, rivers, and water reservoirs. It can also be used in cleaning water from flooded surfaces.


Model WP20X
Connection Dia : 50mm / 2”
Discharge Port Dia: 50mm / 2”
Max Capacity : 36m3 / H
Total Head : 26m
Suction Head : 8m
Delivery Distance: 1km
Rated Output: 4Hp / 3600rpm
Dry Weight: 22kgs
Fuel Tank : 2.5 Litres
Approx. Run Time : 3hrs/Litre
Pumps : 600Litres/Min
Displacement : 118cc
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