Nexus 3 Inch 5.5hp Petrol Water Pump


Nexus 3 Inch 5.5hp Petrol Water Pump

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This low-noise 5hp Nexus petrol pump has a maximum suction head of 8m making it the best water pump for rivers, reservoirs, and dams. It is cheaper to maintain as compared to diesel ones.


Connection Dia :50mm / 2”
Discharge Port Dia:80mm / 3”
Max Capacity :60m3 / H
Total Head :30m
Suction Head :8m
Delivery Distance:1km
Rated Output:5.5Hp / 3600rpm
Dry Weight:28kgs
Fuel Tank :3.6 Litres
Approx. Run Time :3.0hrs/Litre
Pumps :1000Litres/Min
Displacement :163cc


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