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Cummins 1000kva Diesel 3phase Open Frame Generator


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  • Cummins diesel engine, Model KTA38-G5. With the radiator at an ambient temperature 40oC, fans are driven by a belt, with a safety guard, with a DC 24V charge alternator.
  • Stamford Alternator Model: STAMFORD LVI634E1, single bearing alternator; IP23 protection, Insulation class H.
  • Stand type control panel with many kinds of display and protection functions is equipped.
  • Two 12V starter maintenance-free batteries.
  • Power output ACB is equipped.
  • Accessory: A suit of ripple flex exhaust pipe; exhaust siphon, muffler; and a set of spare parts & tools & documents.
  • The structure is built-up, and the built-in residential muffler makes the noise lower.
  • Exhaust guide plate and air channel for air intake & noise reduction are mounted within soundproof canopies.
  • Outside emergency stop button.
  • Inside power cathode switch.
  • Outside fuel inlet.
  • Base fuel tank is equipped, with lifting ear and forklift slots. Outside fuel inlet/return, outside lube oil, and coolant drain.
  • Noise level with no loads @ 1M is 79dB(A)
    MODEL SD-C1000(S)
    Prime Power( 50Hz) 800kW/1000kVA
    Standby Power( 50Hz) 880kW/1100kVA

    Generator Ratings

    Voltage Frequency Phases Power Factor Standby Current Prime Current Standby Power Prime Power
    (V) (Hz) (COS¢) (A) (A) (kW/kVA ) ( kW/kVA)
    440/254 50 3 0.8 1443.0 1312.0 880/1100 800/1000
    400/230 50 3 0.8 1588.0 1443.0 880/1100 800/1000
    380/220 50 3 0.8 1671.0 1519.0 880/1100 800/1000
    Other Customizing for Different Specification

    Engine Data

    Manufacturer / Model: CCEC/KTA38-G5
    Air Intake System: 4-Cycle, Turbocharger, Water-to-Air aftercooled
    Fuel System: PT fuel system
    Cylinder Arrangement: 12 – V Type
    Displacement: 37.8L
    Bore×Stroke: 159×159( mm)
    Compression Ratio: 13.9:1
    Rated RPM: 1500rpm
    Max. Standby Power at Rated RPM: 970kW
    Governor Type: High-precision Electronic Speed Governer
    Steady State Frequency Regulation: ±0.5%
    Piston Speed: 7.9m/s
    Exhaust System  
    Exhaust Flow: 183.06m³/min


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